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 * Copyright (C) 2004-2009 Geometer Plus <contact@geometerplus.com>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
 * 02110-1301, USA.

#ifndef __ZLTEXTVIEW_H__
#define __ZLTEXTVIEW_H__

#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include <string>
#include <algorithm>

#include <ZLTime.h>
#include <ZLOptions.h>
#include <ZLView.h>
#include <ZLDialogManager.h>

#include <ZLTextWord.h>
#include <ZLTextStyle.h>
#include <ZLTextParagraphCursor.h>
#include <ZLTextSelectionModel.h>
#include <ZLTextArea.h>
#include <ZLTextParagraph.h>

class ZLTextModel;
class ZLTextMark;

class ZLTextLineInfo;
class ZLTextLineInfoPtr;
struct ZLTextTreeNodeInfo;
struct ZLTextElementArea;

class ZLTextView : public ZLView {

      enum ScrollingMode {

      class PositionIndicator {

            PositionIndicator(ZLTextView &textView, const ZLTextPositionIndicatorInfo &info);
            virtual ~PositionIndicator();

            virtual void draw();
            bool onStylusPress(int x, int y);

            const ZLTextView &textView() const;
            ZLPaintContext &context() const;
            int top() const;
            int bottom() const;
            int left() const;
            int right() const;

            const std::vector<size_t> &textSize() const;
            size_t startTextIndex() const;
            size_t endTextIndex() const;

            void drawExtraText(const std::string &text);
            std::string textPositionString() const;
            std::string timeString() const;
            size_t sizeOfParagraph(size_t paragraphNumber) const;
            size_t sizeOfTextBeforeParagraph(size_t paragraphNumber) const;
            size_t sizeOfTextBeforeCursor(const ZLTextWordCursor &cursor) const;

            ZLTextView &myTextView;
            const ZLTextPositionIndicatorInfo &myInfo;
            int myExtraWidth;

      friend class ZLTextView;

friend class ZLTextView::PositionIndicator;
      class ViewStyle {

            ViewStyle(shared_ptr<ZLPaintContext> context);
            void setPaintContext(shared_ptr<ZLPaintContext> context);

            void reset();
            void setTextStyle(const ZLTextStylePtr style, unsigned char bidiLevel);

            void applyControl(const ZLTextControlElement &control);
            void applyControl(const ZLTextStyleElement &control);
            void increaseBidiLevel();
            void decreaseBidiLevel();

            void applySingleControl(const ZLTextElement &element);
            void applyControls(const ZLTextWordCursor &begin, const ZLTextWordCursor &end);

            const ZLPaintContext &context() const;
            const ZLTextStylePtr textStyle() const;
            int elementWidth(const ZLTextElement &element, unsigned int charNumber, const ZLTextStyleEntry::Metrics &metrics) const;
            int elementHeight(const ZLTextElement &element, const ZLTextStyleEntry::Metrics &metrics) const;
            int elementDescent(const ZLTextElement &element) const;

            int wordWidth(const ZLTextWord &word, int start = 0, int length = -1, bool addHyphenationSign = false) const;

            void setBaseBidiLevel(unsigned char base);
            unsigned char baseBidiLevel() const;
            unsigned char bidiLevel() const;

            ZLTextStylePtr myTextStyle;
            shared_ptr<ZLPaintContext> myContext;
            mutable int myWordHeight;
            unsigned char myBaseBidiLevel;
            unsigned char myBidiLevel;

      ZLTextView(ZLApplication &application, shared_ptr<ZLPaintContext> context = 0);
      virtual ~ZLTextView();
      void setPaintContext(shared_ptr<ZLPaintContext> context);
      virtual shared_ptr<ZLTextPositionIndicatorInfo> indicatorInfo() const = 0;

      void clearCaches();
      void forceScrollbarUpdate();

      void gotoPage(size_t index);
      size_t pageIndex();
      size_t pageNumber() const;

      void scrollPage(bool forward, ScrollingMode mode, unsigned int value);
      void scrollToStartOfText();
      void scrollToEndOfText();

      void gotoMark(ZLTextMark mark);
      virtual void gotoParagraph(int num, bool end = false);
      void gotoPosition(int paragraphNumber, int wordNumber, int charNumber);

      const ZLTextWordCursor &startCursor() const;
      const ZLTextWordCursor &endCursor() const;

      virtual void setModel(shared_ptr<ZLTextModel> model, const std::string &language);
      const shared_ptr<ZLTextModel> model() const;

      bool hasMultiSectionModel() const;
      void search(const std::string &text, bool ignoreCase, bool wholeText, bool backward, bool thisSectionOnly);
      bool canFindNext() const;
      void findNext();
      bool canFindPrevious() const;
      void findPrevious();

      void highlightParagraph(int paragraphNumber);

      ZLTextSelectionModel &selectionModel();
      const ZLTextSelectionModel &selectionModel() const;
      void copySelectedTextToClipboard(ZLDialogManager::ClipboardType type) const;

      virtual bool isSelectionEnabled() const = 0;

      bool onStylusPress(int x, int y);
      bool onStylusMove(int x, int y);
      bool onStylusMovePressed(int x, int y);
      bool onStylusRelease(int x, int y);
      void onScrollbarMoved(Direction direction, size_t full, size_t from, size_t to);
      void onScrollbarStep(Direction direction, int steps);
      void onScrollbarPageStep(Direction direction, int steps);
      void activateSelection(int x, int y);

      virtual void paint();

      const ZLTextElementArea *elementByCoordinates(int x, int y) const;
      int paragraphIndexByCoordinates(int x, int y) const;

      void rebuildPaintInfo(bool strong);
      virtual void preparePaintInfo();

      void setStartCursor(ZLTextParagraphCursorPtr cursor);

      bool empty() const;

      virtual shared_ptr<PositionIndicator> createPositionIndicator(const ZLTextPositionIndicatorInfo&);

      virtual int leftMargin() const = 0;
      virtual int rightMargin() const = 0;
      virtual int topMargin() const = 0;
      virtual int bottomMargin() const = 0;

      int lineStartMargin() const;
      int lineEndMargin() const;
      int visualX(int logicalX) const;

      void moveStartCursor(int paragraphNumber, int wordNumber = 0, int charNumber = 0);
      void moveEndCursor(int paragraphNumber, int wordNumber = 0, int charNumber = 0);

      void clear();

      int areaBound(const ZLTextParagraphCursor &paragraph, const ZLTextElementArea &area, int toCharNumber, bool mainDir);
      ZLTextLineInfoPtr processTextLine(const ZLTextWordCursor &start, const ZLTextWordCursor &end);
      void prepareTextLine(const ZLTextLineInfo &info, int y);
      void drawTextLine(const ZLTextLineInfo &info, int y, size_t from, size_t to);
      void drawSelectionRectangle(int left, int top, int right, int bottom);
      void drawWord(int x, int y, const ZLTextWord &word, int start, int length, bool addHyphenationSign);
      void drawString(int x, int y, const char *str, int len, const ZLTextWord::Mark *mark, int shift, bool rtl);
      void drawTreeLines(const ZLTextTreeNodeInfo &info, int x, int y, int height, int vSpaceAfter);

      bool pageIsEmpty() const;
      ZLTextWordCursor findLineFromStart(unsigned int overlappingValue) const;
      ZLTextWordCursor findLineFromEnd(unsigned int overlappingValue) const;
      ZLTextWordCursor findPercentFromStart(unsigned int percent) const;

      enum SizeUnit {
      int infoSize(const ZLTextLineInfo &info, SizeUnit unit);
      int paragraphSize(const ZLTextWordCursor &cursor, bool beforeCurrentPosition, SizeUnit unit);
      void skip(ZLTextWordCursor &paragraph, SizeUnit unit, int size);
      ZLTextWordCursor findStart(const ZLTextWordCursor &end, SizeUnit unit, int textHeight);

      ZLTextWordCursor buildInfos(const ZLTextWordCursor &start);

      std::vector<size_t>::const_iterator nextBreakIterator() const;

      shared_ptr<ZLTextView::PositionIndicator> positionIndicator();

      int viewWidth() const;
      int viewHeight() const;
      int textAreaHeight() const;

      void addAreaToTextMap(const ZLTextElementArea &area);
      void flushRevertedElements(unsigned char bidiLevel);

      void gotoCharIndex(size_t charIndex);

      shared_ptr<ZLTextModel> myModel;
      std::string myLanguage;

      enum {
      } myPaintState;
      ZLTextWordCursor myStartCursor;
      ZLTextWordCursor myEndCursor;
      std::vector<ZLTextLineInfoPtr> myLineInfos;
      std::set<ZLTextLineInfoPtr> myLineInfoCache;

      ScrollingMode myScrollingMode;
      unsigned int myOverlappingValue;

      int myOldWidth, myOldHeight;

      ZLTextElementMap myTextElementMap;
      std::vector<ZLTextElementMap> myTextElementsToRevert;
      ZLTextTreeNodeMap myTreeNodeMap;

      std::vector<size_t> myTextSize;
      std::vector<size_t> myTextBreaks;

      ViewStyle myStyle;
      ZLTextSelectionModel mySelectionModel;

      shared_ptr<PositionIndicator> myPositionIndicator;

      bool myTreeStateIsFrozen;
      bool myDoUpdateScrollbar;

      struct DoubleClickInfo {
            void update(int x, int y, bool press);

            int Count;
            ZLTime Time;
            int X;
            int Y;
      } myDoubleClickInfo;

friend class ZLTextSelectionModel;

inline ZLTextView::ViewStyle::~ViewStyle() {}
inline const ZLPaintContext &ZLTextView::ViewStyle::context() const { return *myContext; }
inline const ZLTextStylePtr ZLTextView::ViewStyle::textStyle() const { return myTextStyle; }
inline void ZLTextView::ViewStyle::setBaseBidiLevel(unsigned char base) { myBaseBidiLevel = base; myBidiLevel = base; }
inline unsigned char ZLTextView::ViewStyle::baseBidiLevel() const { return myBaseBidiLevel; }
inline void ZLTextView::ViewStyle::increaseBidiLevel() { ++myBidiLevel; }
inline void ZLTextView::ViewStyle::decreaseBidiLevel() { if (myBidiLevel > myBaseBidiLevel) --myBidiLevel; }
inline unsigned char ZLTextView::ViewStyle::bidiLevel() const { return myBidiLevel; }

inline bool ZLTextView::empty() const { return myPaintState == NOTHING_TO_PAINT; }
inline const ZLTextWordCursor &ZLTextView::startCursor() const { return myStartCursor; }
inline const ZLTextWordCursor &ZLTextView::endCursor() const { return myEndCursor; }
inline const shared_ptr<ZLTextModel> ZLTextView::model() const { return myModel; }
inline ZLTextSelectionModel &ZLTextView::selectionModel() { return mySelectionModel; }
inline const ZLTextSelectionModel &ZLTextView::selectionModel() const { return mySelectionModel; }

inline int ZLTextView::viewWidth() const {
      return std::max(myStyle.context().width() - leftMargin() - rightMargin(), 1);

inline int ZLTextView::viewHeight() const {
      return std::max(myStyle.context().height() - topMargin() - bottomMargin(), 1);

inline int ZLTextView::visualX(int logicalX) const {
      return (myStyle.baseBidiLevel() % 2 == 1) ? context().width() - logicalX - 1 : logicalX;

inline int ZLTextView::lineStartMargin() const {
      return (myStyle.baseBidiLevel() % 2 == 1) ? rightMargin() : leftMargin();

inline int ZLTextView::lineEndMargin() const {
      return (myStyle.baseBidiLevel() % 2 == 1) ? leftMargin() : rightMargin();

#endif /* __ZLTEXTVIEW_H__ */

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